Montana - Portuguese Coast - Great Passage with everything but trade wind

What a pleasure to join Markus along Portuguese coast and experience SY
Montana on this part of the passage to GC! We had a cheerful week with a
great crew, very kind people in all marinas, lots of good food (+some
beers) - and a crazy weather-pinball.

Checking wind conditions ahead my flight, I thought "Well, let's
experience Portuguese trade winds", and recalled "How to avoid chinese
gybes" with expected 20knots N. Getting to Vigo some days later, this
was the only conditions, we did NOT get at all.

Starting from Vigo with sunshine (but almost no wind), we came along fog
in Baiona and Viana do Castello (sight less than half the river
width...), sleek blue ocean from Porto to Figueira da Foz, Nazaré at
calm sea (accompanied by dolphins), and crazy wind on our final trip to
Cascais (25knots SSW +10 in gusts) that stopped from one minute to the
other, leaving us with 25miles to go in beautiful sunset (and diesel
smell again).

Love that coast and people (my first sailing there). Let's believe we've
saved all the trade wind for later Nov :-)

Looking forward to come to GC and meet all the other crews!

CU Christian