Hawkeye - ARC Blog - Hawkeye arrives in Graciosa, Lanzarote

Before leaving Gibraltar we took every opportunity to stash as many goodies as decently possible from our last British supermarkets, then launched Hawkeye across the Straits and out into the wide, rolling North Atlantic ocean. We had every type of weather from sunshine to torrential rain, a gale to glassey seas, the NE trades setting in for a while and, thankfully, the return of those lovely long Atlantic swells that the Med doesn't ever somehow manage to match. Sadly, we ended up motoring rather more than we would have liked - but this was offset by the calm seas showing up a massive pod of dolphins dancing away for some hours under the bow, followed by the appearance of a series of gracious fin whales. Hawkeye arrived late in the evening into the anchorage of Graciosa, just next to Lanzarote, where the water was millpond-flat, with crystal-clear water. After the obligatory celebratory champagne - and, as you can see from the photo, we started up Hawkeye's disco lights for a quick dance - we all retired for a good night's sleep. We are off to explore Lanzarote's volcanoes by hire car, then down to Tenerife to do more of the same before gliding into Las Palmas on Saturday to start final preparations for the ARC.

Cocktail time!
Champagne celebration of safe arrival
Hawkeye disco!
Dolphins a plenty
Graciosa from Hawkeyes nav station
Lanzarote from Graciosa
Sunset watch on the bows