Theodora - 5/12

A short post today. The wind has remained easterly enough for us to hold our course directly to St Lucia, which is now just over 1,100 nautical miles away.

Today has been the most chilled out day of the trip, it has also been the warmest with 29 degrees recorded In the saloon. After a breakfast of baked beans, bacon and scrambled egg with a fresh roll we did our laundry, photos will be available later, we then did our boat jobs. These included cleaning out the fridge, sorting through what little fresh food we have left and re furling the big pink Gennaker. The rest of the day has been spent listening to pure beach vol v from 2006 whilst lazing around in the sun or the shade.
ยง we had a brief radio chat with a Swan 54 this morning. It was good to hear another human voice after so long. We had hoped to see them but they were obviously unable to sail directly downwind and so tacked away from us.

We have just received a weather forecast for the next five days which looked broadly positive with winds remaining easterly enough for us to hold course to St Lucia. It looks like they might die down a bit and then pick up to twenty knots or so on Monday. Just the sort of forecast we wanted if we are to keep our speed and track.