Hermes - Log 6 Hermes: Tearable Tuesday

💥The boat reverberated from a jolting force that matched its booming sound. It sounded/felt like we hit something, but after the boom the boat felt lighter, and my watch rushed out of bed to find BWB kite turned flag behind the boat.

Luckily we were set for a letter box takedown, so the unintended kite drop went pretty smoothly. But upon inspection we found BWB to be out of commission, two out of three of the tack webbing strops blew up and one of three on the head also went. A repair at sea was possible, but would be by hand and could potentially result in a less favorable failure.

So then we were down to Mustang, breeze was in the low 20s, so we felt comfortable putting her up. 0615 we lost BWB, 1645 we lost Mustang. She went like she always does, proper decapitation for no apparent reason. Same spot as always. 😫

And now we are on the genny. Hoping the breeze stays above 20 so we can keep moving. 2018 has officially become the year of lost kites. RIP BBB & Kickaboo ☠️ Time to resurrect Mustang for the 5th time and take BWB for her first visit to the sail doctor 😭