La Cigale - Day 13 - 1 December - Lucky for some!

Catherine says:
I woke Mummy up and we went upstairs to the cockpit, and I saw the Advent calendar. I was really excited because it has lots of pockets filled with sweets, but I had to wait for Francis and Isabelle to wake up. They were taking ages, so I helped them! At breakfast I had Country Crisp and then Mummy read us a story about an Advent calendar, a lamb that runs  away and a little girl who follows*. Finally we could have our red sweet with white sugar on it. It was fizzy and yummy. Can I go now Mum...?!

*Jostein Gaarder's "The Christmas Mystery" 

Lucy writes:
First day of Advent, and we're in a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, surrounded by blue skies and even bluer seas. I put on Michael BublĂ© at lunch... Harley's homemade humus was a much bigger hit! 

Careful what you wish for... I mentioned missing circus yesterday and ending up spending this afternoon with a load tightwire. This one was actually a nylon fishing line that we are using to try and sew back together our second gennaker, for night-time use instead of the smaller jib.

Taking it in turns, we are making painfully slow progress on 15 metres of fabric. "If only we could know for sure this would work" it was remarked, to which came the reply "Ah, but we're doing it because there is nothing to say it won't work!" I read in Tom Cunliffe's Day Skippers manual recently that the sea bed is littered with optimists. Still, I think it says something for the human spirit that hope springs eternal!