Starblazer - ABS at Rodney Bay

Hope that you all understand ABS.

We are on our second 24hour stint on the ARC 2016 Finish Line. The line officially closed at 12am local time today but is staying manned until tomorrow morning. Three boats due to arrive at approximately 2300, 0400 and 0800, then we get into the marina.
Tomorrow evening is the big end of rally party that we also get to attend as Finish Line instead of having to cross the Atlantic!
It's been a wonderfully quiet day so far with no arrivals.

It will be interesting to see which WCC blog this gets posted to. Sarah (WCC) it's probably up to you. [Editor's Note: You're ARC 2016 for this week ;) Thanks for your hard work]

This morning the bow thruster switch to push to starboard stuck on, so that gave me a job to do. Yesterday it was fix the broadcast radio (pulled fuse out and pushed it back), went shopping and made a short drive belt to drive the fresh water pump from the crankshaft pulley. Normally this has an alternator in the loop which adjusts the belt tension. Without the alternator (failed a few days ago, awaiting a replacement) and without an adjuster I made a loop out of bungee with two layers of heatshrink over the stitched joint - seems to work fine.

Whilst in the marina I'll go up the mast and replace the wind direction and speed transducer, we seem to show half the windspeed of other boats. Makes for interesting sail plans!

Next week I hope to have someone else replace the front crankshaft oil seal, whilst we become tourists.

John, Starblazer