Tulla Mhor - Recovering

Have been here for 5 days now and beginning to feel normal. Our boat has been beautifully cleaned by a team from Vision yacht service and is very shiny. Inside cleaning is a little slower but I am getting there and Tulla is starting to look more like her old self. Andrew has flown back home and Hugo is returning next week for his family Christmas. Kate and Colin travelled home yesterday.It was lovely to see them and really appreciated the welcome.
We have been meeting up with friends from the Canaries and had more parties and drinks. All together a great experience and achievement for everyone.
All that is left is the Tulla prize giving:

Bake Off
Bread: Hugo
Cakes: Val

Sweepstake for arrival time: Andrew

5 Crowns card game champion: Hugo

Most likely to say 'let's put a reef in' : Val
Most likely to say 'let's put up the spinnaker' Hugo and Andrew
Most calm in a crisis: Dugald

Signing off from ARC2016