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Mis Amores - Report five: Gone with the wind ...

December 18, 2012

Dear friends

You are probably making your last-minute purchases of X-mas presents and think about potential wishes of your loved ones. We have had only one wish: more wind! Yesterday in the afternoon our dream came true. Since 4pm we are sailing with NNE Bf. 3-4 and we celebrated today 299 mile to go.
The galley produced yesterday the best meal ever (for lunch) and the worst meal ever (for dinner). ”Ever” means on this Atlantic crossing. The cook (i.e. me) compensated the debacle today with one of a few jokers left; traditional Swiss Rösti with sliced beef and sauce. In background played the traditional Swiss music. The crew felt good.
Yesterday our 185sq.m. gennaker twisted around the forestay. Our crew needed more than an hour to untwist it again. Luckily the ocean swell has been so kind to us and made the work easier than we thought.
Today we needed to fix our autopilot (again!). It’s always the same problem with the screw. As this is already the third time for our skipper to fix it, he made it in 20 minutes! Not bad at all.
Today we played Wild Life Super Lotto. Alexandra wanted to win no matter what (as usual) and Linda was having lot of fun being the group leader… And yes, we had homemade pizza for dinner.
The weather is perfect. And we have 240 more miles to go!
In the night there is a young, rising Moon watching us. As we left Las Palmas we had full Moon. It’s just amazing to do the night watch having the shimmering water and lazy waves splashing around the boat. Wind as an invisible force pushes the boat ahead and the autopilot steers it in right direction. Sometimes it’s just surreal.
Warm regards from 15° 58 N; 57°54 W


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