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Bardeau - nearly there

Today was brochure sailing. Very hot very sunny sea flat so we decided to stop so that the motleys could test el illustrious skipper theory in 4000 meters of water that ancient primeival motley-eating beasts still survive in these unexplored regions. It was also time to say goodbye to polly the repeating parrot and the remains of Doris. We had kept the remains of everything nasty on the tuna taken out of the freezer and attached to polly with a long line. I stabbed the chum bag ready to set up a shark trail but to my disappointment the motleys who were now in the sea swimming round the boat asked me politely to wait until they had finished. Laughing wildly I allowed them this favour. Anyway, once the cowards had reboarded ..not waiting I suppose wasn't really an option we launched polly and Doris into the sea and set sail. What followed will never be known but if a distraught blow up doll arrives on a Caribbean beach it's Doris and Jon Kennedy wants it back...please. Thank you mr and mrs Nash for the pirate tattoos. It is really sad that the level of conversation on board amongst adults has descended to such a level that the motleys are arguing over who gets what tattoo. I had to insist on the big boss Captain Pugwash tattoo.I saw JK eyeing it.... Anyway today after the swim was hot dog rest day courtesy of Mr C.Dundee. Dundee is put out.... Gee skip, I allowed 1200 tubes of export for this trip and the Sheila's are drinking it....'. We have just enough to last until our expected arrival Sunday morning. Tonight it is canned tuna .... The last fish broke our rod so it's emergency rations. Anyway when the children have finished applying tattoos to each other we will recycle some sentences and words over dinner.
El illustrious skipper

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