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Mis Amores - Report one: what a voyage!

December 11, 2012
Dear friends
It’s our 15th day on the Atlantic Ocean. Why didn’t we post any blog until now? Because we are having a lot of fun here!
We are sailing beautifully downwind with pleasant trade winds. Each day a new culinary specialty is being produced in our galley. We are also drawing, playing music and singing. All of us; big and small. Every day is different.
It wasn’t like that at the beginning. The first 9 days we had a lot of wind and waves, several squalls, and some mechanical issues. Until now we repaired our autopilot two times, generator once, replaced our spinnaker halyard; we have had questions regarding our AIS and our board computer. But since December 6 everything works perfectly. And on that day we had a guest on board: St. Nicklaus visited us during the night and brought some special presents for our two girls, Alexandra and Linda. He brought also Grittibänz (a special Swiss pastry for the St. Nicklaus Day)! What a joy!
We didn’t catch any fish until now, but then again, we didn’t even try. It’s time to do it.
Warm regards from 16°13 N; 041°19 W

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