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Puddle Jumper - Captains Blog Star Date 09/12

Hi All (& Hey C)
Hansel (or Harry apparently) the Navigator here with another guest blog. 
FAQ of the Navigator:
Where are we?
What’s the depth!?
What are the skull and cross bones you have put on the GPS?, Charlie very worried.
What happens if I press this button? oh no, too late.
How fast are we going?
But mostly, are we nearly there yet?
I guess we must be getting there, the taste of the air suggests we are a little up north and the length of our beards suggests we have been going a long time.  There are no stars to go by at the moment, in fact no sun and no moon to sight on as we have clouds all across the sky and a lot of rain.
After a Parasail run yesterday we put up the white sails as the winds picked up.  During the night we had a couple of all hands to help the watch reduce sail with squalls hitting us hard and fast, so not much sleep. Skipper getting several of his outfits wet, and ending up, up the mast when taking the main down in his swim wear to get top marks in the fashion category.   
It must be my turn to do the blog as John is making Risotto again, this time with chicken breasts (Benny Hill large he says), serrano ham peppers onions carrots, & lemon juice. Yumsk.
We are running watches during the day with the weather very variable, so Will Mc and Charlie are up on deck at the moment and it looks like they will get wet again soon.  Skipper and Richard resting up for their next shift.     
Love to everyone (&Xxx I did get your emails thanks and sent replies, so hopefully you get these)

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