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Baringo - Thu 6 Dec - Fishing Triumph

Dear Readers,

Here on the good ship Baringo our deck mate 1st class David Surman has struck gold with a 10kg Mahi Mahi fish which will soon grace the dining table - its no.1 mess dress for the high table this evening.

Crew morale has risen with the fishing triumph & the sunshine and a considerably calmer sea as we crack along at a comfortable pace towards 40 degrees west - our notional or psychological half way line of longitude.

In respect of our sailing we are still somewhat hampered by the early loss of our main large head sail - the clew chaffed through - but are doing our best to make up for its loss and using what other sails we have; and have been fortunate to have fair winds that have generally favoured what sails we have. Thus far the rest of the boat is proving to be very sound indeed - Baringo has thus far made it from Hong Kong, no surprise given that she is beautifully cared for by its owners John Sanderson and Julia Billingham and we are very fortunate to be in such a well found boat as this.

The stories are beginning to be recycled - but we can bear that. All of us think of our families in various parts of the world: John & Julia with their children in London and Beijing; Andrew Peacock with his family gathering at his snow covered home this weekend in the suburbs of Glasgow; David & Giles Surman with thier parents in Fiji and Giles with his lovely wife and 3 sons in Hong Kong - its a global boat this and all of us aboard send greetings to all our families and loved ones.

That's "over" from Baringo this sunny and windy Thursday 6th Dec at 17.43 UST.

Giles Surman
Mid Atlantic

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