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Spirit - Sun is shining

Sun is rising as tea arrives for the change of watch. This day 3 of our Great Atlantic Challenge. By the third morning Spirit had covered 460 Nautical Miles with average speed around 10 Knots. 

There was plenty of excitement on the 1st night as Spirit ploughed through 7 metre waves with winds gusting to 35 knots and foaming on both sides of the bow. Record speed at the moment is 18 knots with David at the helm.So far we have enjoyed dinners of Confit de Canard and David's Spaghetti Bolognese. No Pot Noodles on this boat!

Yesterday Ian performed an excellent Trapeze Act walking along the Boom to make an adjustment to the Preventor. Don't believe any stories that Alan made him walk the Plank! Man overboard procedures were rehearsed which I am pleased to report were not needed.

Able Seaman Mike is earning his sailing stripes working winches and getting to grips with Sheets and Halyards. Hornblower James keeps us on the straight an d narrow with his Helmsman's Skills and amuses us with his sailing yarns. Mick (Trimmer to the Stars) hasn't lost his touch keeping the sails tight. David keeps the comms up to date ensuring we have thew latest Weather. Alan does his Meerkat impressions popping up out of the hatch making sure we are all in control and Jenny has finally found her sea legs.


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