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Persephone of London - SUNDAY - TUESDAY 16TH - 19TH SEPTEMBER - LAGOS

This is the first really “touristy” place we have visited. The Marina is excellent, all facilities and good wifi connections.   Karen managed a huge load of laundry on Sunday.

There seems to be a large British expat community here and the bars around the marina are full of English voices, though we doubt that many of them are mariners of any sort.

The old town is a delightful maze of whitewashed houses, originally defended by a huge bastion town wall from the 14th Century. But the town spilled over those confines a long time ago....

Loads of little restaurants, a smart “ribiera” district, and a lot of “seafari” boats offering RIB rides to see dolphins. But somehow it all seems to fit, and the local people and food are equally delightful.

There are some delightful, and quiet beaches here too.

Soon after arriving we were greeted by Anders, a Dane from Sunderland who had just arrived from Horta in the Azores. He arrived from the North East of England in his little wooden, canoe sterned sloop, via Iceland and Greenland, of all places.

On Monday morning, we contacted Lopolight and after a short discussion, they agreed to send a replacement masthead light...and we will have it sent to our next destination..Portimao, a few miles east, down the coast.

Monday evening was all about food...we went out for dinner with Anders and his wife, Karen...and exchanged stories. Not a late night but a very enjoyable one. Their boat is being left here for some months until they return next year to progress into the Med.

Tuesday is moving day, but maybe after a trip to the beach...

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