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VIA CON ME - The participants for ARC 2012 VIA CON ME



As I get now all crew for the famous ARC 2012 together, I would like to introduce those to you:


Today we start with myself, Ingrid and Roland. I know Ingrid and Roland from the ARC 2011 and since then we have a great relationship together.

When I told them, that I will participant again the ARC, and ask them, to come again along, there was no doubt and I got a big YES. This make me

happy. As I had bad luck with the yacht supplier and yacht yard in Germany on the island of Rügen (they sheet me, the made bad work) – it was

Roland, which saved me to grounding down….  Ingrid as well keep me alive and I am really happy, to know these people which becomes more and

more “my family”.


For myself, it is the 4th time I enjoy the ARC (2005, 2010, 2011 and now 2012). Since 2011 I am participant with my own boat. In 2011 and now in 2012

I want to have a “girl group”, but unfortunately I got no woman in 2011 and in 2012 only 3. So I had to change my plan and have done a co-ed boat.






Marina Passet, Owner, Skipper, age 56, Yacht master Ocean, LRC, STCW95, PADI Rescue

Nautical miles: approx. 20000 NM (Caribbean, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic and North sea)

Hobbies: sailing, travelling, diving, cooking, reading (Clive Cussler, Frank Schätzing), having fun

Profession: Real Estate Task Force and Key Account Manager

Slogan: “discover the life and be free like an eagle”



Ingrid Schühle, Crew, age 51, Yacht master Ocean, LRC, CMAS***

Nautical miles: approx. 22000 NM (Caribbean, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic and North Sea)

Hobbies: sailing, travelling, Aikido, diving, play music (harmonica), cooking, reading fascinating and gripping books, having fun

Profession: M.Sc. Chemistry

Slogan: “the world is, what you think it is”



Roland, Co-Skipper, age 53, Yacht master Ocean, LRC, CMAS***

Nautical miles: approx. 35000 NM (Caribbean, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic and North Sea) Hobbies: sailing, travelling, cooking, play music (Ukulele), fishing, trying new ventures, diving

Profession: B.Sc. Physical Technologies

Slogan: “enjoy life and be useful”








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