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Kinship - Day 8

It is day 8, and after 2200 miles under our keel since Tortola, we've only motored 11 hours since weighing anchor in Bermuda some 1300+ miles ago. After some brisk sailing the first few days, we have now reached the longitude of the Azores High, where we've been tiptoeing across with variable winds with our full complement of sails--double headsails (Staysail poled to windward) and full mainsail. Andy has boundless energy, and his creati e sail combinations have made Kinship happy to romp along. So far, our strategy of staying north has been to our advantage, althought with these cold nights, we have needed fleece, wolly watch caps and down comforters. At one point we were only 60 miles from the ice line on the chart. And although the charts shows reported icebergs in our path, we were assured beforehand that these had long ago since melted.

Today finds us sailing in calm seas & gentle following winds--ideal conditions, Mia said, for baking bread. During the calms yesterday, we all had turks head bracelets and anklets woven by Andy to commemorate the half-way point to the Azores.

Detached from all civilization, we feel we could go on forever in our isolated little world. We have plenty of water with the watermaker, and with our water generator (aka Chuckles) merrily chattering astern, we have plenty of free energy to run our ship's systems. But with only a half bar of dark chocolate and our fresh fruit supply down to a mere 4 apples, we are starting to eye the Azores with 500+ miles to go.

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