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Cattitude - Arrival and more parties

In windless conditions we eventually crept across the finishing line at 2.15 am on Tuesday 6th December. Champagne corks were popped as we completed ARC 2011. Once tied up we drifted off to catch up with some sleep, but in true ARC fashion soon began the round of partying and catching up with everyone else?s experiences. There were many tales of damaged sails, torn spinnakers etc, an indication of the sparky conditions in mid Atlantic.

Rodney Bay Marina has pulled out all the stops and the ARC staff as usual has organised the entertainment to a T. The ubiquitous rum punch helps a little.

We had a great couple of days at anchor between the Pitons and in Rodney Bay itself, where we able to play with the onboard toys. These included inflatable kayaks and a water chariot. There were many shrieks as skipper towed these around at speed behind the tender.

The marina manager?s party was a blast. Attendees were liberally sprinkled with glitter on entry and a few were given very glamorous headdresses to wear, mine was a particularly fetch turquoise and white feathered affair. The band were terrific and soon had us all jumping.

Last night 15th December, we partied yet again on Pigeon Island (no pigeons and it?s not an island!). The theme was ?Thriller?, so many ghastly ghouls and ghosts roamed the beach with a few even scarier Michael Jacksons thrown in for good measure.


Individuals? best moments

Steve W, the raft race in Las Palmas.

Gordon T, my birthday at sea having a dinner party at 13 knots.

Liz T, seeing land and getting there.

Anne C, fancy dress party in Las Palmas, starry night skies, the Caribbean smile

Steve D (29 Atlantic crossings under his belt), the whole experience, but particularly the stability and comfort of living on the boat.

Nick P, fancy dress parties and sitting at Spinnakers Bar with my feet in the sand.

Flora P, dinghy race and fancy dress.

Sarah W, kayaks somersaulting in large wave dumping us and all our possessions in the sea right outside Spinnakers Bar, with loud cheers from the punters. (lost three pairs of glasses, one diamond earring and all dignity)

Jeannette W, being on watch on the bridge, sitting on the bar counter, doing 10 knots and listening to Queen (very loudly).

Gordon C, the experience of crossing in a catamaran, very stable and comfortable.


Cattitude?s ARC


Arriving in Las Palmas to the glorious sight

Of boats dressed overall, flags in full flight.

Meeting and greeting like-minded folk

Sharing our stories and an occasional joke.


Attending some lectures and a skipper?s meeting

Endless provisioning! Will we do all that eating?

Boats low in the water and groaning with fare

(Unless you?re a racer and live on fresh air).


Catching the shuttle bus although not going far

Usually to chandleries or the Sailor?s Bar

Putting on costumes and trying to impress

Super heroes and Cat Women for fancy dress.


The day of departure and excitement was high

As we left the marina towards a blue sky.

Throngs of well-wishers lining the pier

Crossing the start line with a rousing big cheer.


Black velvet nights and variable days

Our passage was memorable in so many ways.

The watches, the dolphins, the comfort onboard

The squalls and the calms in our memories stored.


Fifteen days passage and then ?Land ahoy!?

The isle of St Lucia a source of some joy.

In sight of the finish line we will ourselves on

Then ?Don?t believe it- the wind is all gone!


Slowly and surely inching our way

Claxton horn sounding. We?re in Rodney Bay!

We sipped some champagne said cheers and well done

We?ve crossed the Atlantic, time for more fun.


I?ve told you the goings on here in EC

So it?s goodnight from them and it?s goodnight from me

But one last word now before we disembark

On your bucket list please write ?MUST DO THE ARC!?

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