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Mojomo - Offshore Jenga Tournament

21:17N 30:56W speed 7ish knots wind 15knots, about 1762nm to St Lucia.

Hurrah! Nick fixed the Yellowbrick using parts from an old Ipod, or so he says, and we’re back on-line. Look, that’s us just there, near the red line with arrows on it.

Actually Nick didn’t take the Ybrick to bits at all. I just put that in. Sorry. And especially sorry to the yellowbrick peeps who must’ve gone bonkers at the thought of Chainsaw Nick randomly dismantling the thing. It just randomly started working again (says a pal by text) as boaty things tend to do.

Beautiful sunny day, so we made fresh bread for lunch and then had a Jenga tournament in the afternoon. Yes really, proper Jenga with the wooden brick towers. The crew didn’t really believe that I’d have Jenga on board, but they’re gradually getting used to offshore fun Mojomo-style.

Our friend Amanda of Perfect Rice fame gave us the Jenga game last year, easy enough on dry land but needs a catamaran and special skills to be played offshore at 8 knots in 2 metre seas.

Offshore Jenga requires that each player pulls and places a wooden brick in the normal way, with the added Mojomo rule that the stack must stay upright for just 3 seconds after placing the freed-up brick on the top – after which a fall means the *other* player loses. If left alone the stack might easily fall, so the pressure is on the other player to have their turn as fast as possible, count to three again and pass back to player 1 and so on, each player in a frantic rush to finish their turn. In 2-metre seas, Jenga is a high-speed game lasting only a few minutes.

Initially, I won several times over, but in an all-afternoon contest David and then also Olly took the game to new and spectacular levels of speed and risk, with Olly eventually winning the final 3-match play-off with David. Fabulous.

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