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Escapado - Escapado Blog - Day 8.5 - Helming . . . (Otherwise known as WMO, Wave Management Operative)

Helming . . . (Otherwise known as WMO, Wave Management Operative) - If only I could do it to the same standard as my 3 watch mates, Morten, Dave & Greg !! Can I give my thanks, and pay tribute here and now for their skill and consistency in this activity, and for doing more than their fair share on our watches. Awesome is a much overused word, but in this case, not. Many thanks fellas, HARRY.

The mood amongst the crew has been consistently high for the past few days, and incidents of fractiousness amongst them have been NIL !!
How do we explain this? I would put this down to a high level of maturity (of crew), a common goal and good leadership.

The crew members doing galley duties also try to not only maintain food standards of the previous day, but exceed it, thus exhibiting two things, priority of the group wellbeing and seeking worthiness within the group itself.

At my level, I’m amazed that 10 people can live in such a small space in the manner that we do. Population density must be higher than in Bethnal Green of the 1850’s !!!

The competition within our division of six is very intense. It’s THE topic and is the basis of our existence, and thus if you scale it up, it would a good foundation of a stage play or reality program. The comments along the lines of, “why did they go there ?” “Did they jibe there too?” If ONLY we could eve’s drop on the other boats and SEE their own thought patterns and deliberations . . If only !!

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