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Blue Moon - day 5 blue moon

It’s already day 5 people! We’re very slowly getting in our watch system groove. Though the night shifts are still not a given. The rockman sisters love their sleep ;) But we always make it on time. I must say the falling stars, soft warm sea breeze and the moderate sea state were a gift to wake up to last night. When it was the sisters’ turn again this morning at 9, our skipper Thalita and Mathias had enjoyed their 6 o clock morning watch in all peace. Made themselves eggs and bacon, turned the fruit, cleaned the heads and were waiting for us to get up to finally hoist the kite! Though before we did, we had to perform a planned gybe. And that is where the first deck excitement started for today.

The crew forgot to open the clutch of the jammer and the main preventer snapped. Luckily the rope was long enough so we could pull it through again. After Mathias took out the boat’s splicing gear and repaired most of the ropes that needed splicing. Quite the detailed work.

The kite went up without any problems and finally the Blue Moon could show off her bright yellow diamond, what a beauty! We all switched turns to learn how to helm the kite, with Thalita and Liesbeth sharing their knowledge how to surf the waves with soft small turns on the helm. After the rockman sisters made oatmeal for breakfast for the crew they dug into the kitchen fridge to clean up a great mess - nobody could find anything in there -and started prepping a fresh greek salad Fatto Bene which tasted delicious in this warm tropical weather. So with bellies well fed, finally the ladies of the Blue Moon decided to get that long awaited deck shower! We each got into our swimming gear, took out the bucket from the cockpit locker and gave ourselves a fresh salt water wash. Ahh heaven.

Heaven did not last long though. All of a sudden, SNAP, the kite dropped into the water: All hands on deck! The whole crew did their best to get the kite as soon as possible back on deck where we could make out the damage: The dyneema halyard schackle broke at the top of the mast. This meant the jib had to be unfurled again and our speed dropped with 3 knots unfortunately. But this means someone has to go up the mast tomorrow to repair the halyard, and I know already someone who would be very excited to do so.

If that was not enough casino already, we finally caught a fish! Probably a tuna as our fishing line had a special bate for tuna. Sergio was the first one to see it and was overly excited to pull in the string with his bare hands. Though he quickly figured out that was not the smartest move and had to grab his gloves from his cabin. When he came back, the fish was gone… No tuna for us today.

After all this deck excitement, Mathias cooked us a delicious stew with meatballs, a true balm for the soul. Now Lies is sailing the Blue Moon right into the sunset and the whole crew is easing into the night, preparing themselves for yet another night full of falling stars.

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