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Salamander - A Momentous Moment

At 2110 UTC on Friday 25th November we reached a milestone on our Atlantic crossing for ARC 2022.

We reached a point that meant we were now only 2,000 nm from our destination in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.

Whilst the total trip is billed as being slightly less than 3,000 nm I'm sure that we will have already traveled nearly 1,000 nm to get to this point.

Mentally it marks the transition to the second third of this trip. Those of us on deck, myself, Clive and Fredrik celebrated with a small Mars bar. Yes I know, we sure know how to celebrate!!!

Seeing a number 1 now in front of distance to waypoint has momentarily lifted our spirits and encouraged us to really focus on the next stage.

At the moment we are on the rhumb line and doing quite nicely although we are always looking for more wind!

We're on our way Mary (the flag lady) not far to go really!!

Tim - Salamander Tour Manager and Guest Social Media Editor

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