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Amandla Kulu - D8_ Stay low. Move fast

Captain’s Log. Star Date 28 Nov. Supplementary

Day 8. Ninth day on the water.

0909 GMT.
0909 Local.

18º 04 N
033º 29 W
TWS 14 knts (True Wind Speed)
AWS 10 knts (Apparent Wind Speed)

Sleep. As humans, our recycle rate is 16 hours. This matters not whether one is working an office, on holiday or indeed sailing and ocean. After 16 hours of wake time, there’s a build up of the toxic protein Beta Amaloide in our brains. 
From memory have a look at the following URL:
The last few days have been tough mentally, physically and emotionally. Without doubt the crew, as a team have come together as a cohesive unit. Like the Borg of Star Trek, we are One. 
I stayed up pushing through tiredness to do a turn on the Code Zero stitch along the seam. Crashed just before midnight; it is never good to wake up to a flogging (flogging: big flappy, noisy, sail screaming “I am Kok-ing angry” sail) headsail. 
The sheet had parted. Halyard is the name of the uppy’downy rope we use to pull sails into the sky and hold them there. Sheet is the name of the inny outey rope we use to change how far in and out of the boat the sail is. 
The consequence of this was that of the three points of sail, one corner of the sail [the clew] was flapping uncontrollably. 
The team did a great job furling the sail as a temporary measure. However, due to the 23 knots of breeze the sail was not fully furled and flapping violently. 
We managed to unfurl and drop the headsail, now nicknamed ‘Yo Yo’ and drag it back to the cockpit. All one can really say,
  “Stay Low. Move Fast!"
Due to the cloud clover and moonset at 2332, it was very dark and challenging to keep the boat pointing downwind (to keep the Apparent Wind low). 
Tom did a great job leading the flake on the side deck — tricky leading a flake (where the sail is folded super neat).
Dawn inspection shows that the port forward guard wire has parted at the terminal. In addition to the forward stem of the pulpit parting from the base the team are currently looking at rigging a jury rig. 
Once done, we’ll re-hoist the Yo Yo and get back on track. 
Last few hours of sailing under Full Main and Storm Stay have been slower and less beneficial than would have been otherwise — one can only do the best they can with the tools they have. 
Will be a party night tonight. Our DTF (Distance to Finish) will be the same as our Trip Distance travelled since departure. 
Distance to Finish 1600nm
Trip 1478nm
I’ll pop some sunblock on, get dressed for work, (commute is not to bad these days) and enjoy a Syrian Shower later.

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