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Circe - Circe Update

Great sailing conditions just got better! After an overnight port tack to move us farther south, at 0500 this morning we turned to starboard and headed west. Once crew was up, we rigged wing-on-wing and Circe took flight. We’ve reached in excess of 10 knots on the backside of the waves. Landlubber that I am, I signed on as crew as the “smutje” - German , I’m told, for galley slave. But even I can appreciate the beauty of the bow as it slices through the deep blue sea and the sound of the water rushing down the hull before joining the freedom of the wake. Still, I make the effort to broaden my horizons by learning how to take a sextant reading, help with the rigging, engage in navigational discussions and manning a winch when a wench will do. But my primary goal remains feeding the crew and as such, I appreciate the fresh mahi mahi my crew continues to catch so I can serve up specialties like blackened mahi sandwiches and fish tacos with mango relish and lime coleslaw. And the water restrictions? I’m impressed and pleased with how well the crew adapted to our situation and we’ve virtually arrested the water tank needle drop! So westward we fly and hope to see more masts on the horizon.

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