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Endeavour III - Endeavour III - Day 5

By Day 5 the boat has settled down to a rhythm known to mariners down the ages: watching downloaded Netflix films, searching for missing USB charging leads, experiencing the joy and despair of an intermittent Starlink connection and the frustration of trying to configure Iridium Go for crew-wide email, and listening to a strange sound from one of the cabins, which might be a crew member learning to play the ukulele, or a stowaway cat.

According to AIS we are not alone, we are surrounded by ARC boats. But these must be ghost ships for try as we might we now never see them silhouetted on the far smooth line between sea and sky.

Already we have lost one crew - unfortunately murdered in the cockpit. This was somewhat alarming to those on the boat not familiar with human Cluedo.

Last night we put the bimini down. This resulted in soggy bottoms for the crew on watch due to the condensation on the cockpit cushions. But turn away from the soggy bottom and look up. There we saw the magical site of sails dancing among the stars.

180 miles covered in the last 24 hours and now heading 265* towards St Lucia. Happy Days!

Steve - Thursday 24th November

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