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Brainstorm - Oh happy trades ?? o HAPPY trades

Yes you’ve hear it correct: the spin-off from “oh happy days” is the hit of today “as Jezus walks, oh happy trades..” After more calms, more squalls, more weird wind angles and absolute mayhem, rumor had it brexit killed the trades but we’re happy to report that we now have steady winds coming from 90 degrees true east for the entire day! In other words, for the first time in 2100 miles, trade winds!!!!

On other news this week we have Jenny’s 60th birthday coming up on the 28th. Rowan and her Polepole have about 2/3 days to go so no pressure there mate. We’re confident you’ll make it a land party, a little bit sceptic we’ll make that, but optimistic about helping you guys cure the hangover the day after!

So after a 5 days of mayhem we now have a steady 13 and 23 knots from the east. Luckily we have absolute harmony, with the code-0 and jib combination, aboard the Rhapsodie. This gives us time to properly enjoy the sun, the fishing with a hand line (never go for that: 7 days and not a singel bite… aan het materiaal mag het niet liggen maar ligt het nu wel) en the fantastic French cuisine. Without holding our plate or pausing to change the sail or the rain roof, now sunroof, we can gobble our feasts!

Think toast with La Rochelle homemade maramalade, jams and honey from their vineyards. Rapsodie roasted and mashed aubergines spreads with garlic, tuna and spices, hummus apperatives with white wine. Or lunch rice salade nicoise with rose, a cafe and cognac after. A magret de canard avec pomme de terre, corn chickens, cassoulet or lasagna dinner with red and one day before boat made mousse au chocolate. It might seem we drink a lot but it’s not every course and with moderation; for the taste.

It all sounds wonderful but there is definitely reminiscing the Brainstorm. The speed is of course unmatched (15 knots high and with much lower winds vs 9 knots) the practical comfort inside, starting with normal doors: no hitting your head on the upper- or AND hitting you toes on the lower side of the classic but small oval doors, now guessing in the dark what level of floor you are on not to fall down. The firm quite at night, with everything tucked away neatly, now replaced by a constant soft cracking of the wooden interior and glass clicking aboard this sailing wine- and cognac seller. The neat and purpose lines for all sails is replaced by a lot of lines for a range of different purposes as, contradictory, the soul of a teenager has been replaced by a pensionado.

There is absolutely no harm ment with these words it’s: the Rhapsodie is an amazing yacht! It’s just that we are a little homesick to the brainstorm. Also we set our minds to being there by yesterday and we really look forward to seeing the faces of our loved ones once more. Plus an all positive update isn’t a good read.

Time has literally changed aboard here: as the sun wasn’t in sync with our watches at all we have now dialed back to UTC +2, should probably be 3 and surely 4 at the finish line. In THE bar everyone keeps talking about and Menno and I have no clue what bar that actually is. Luckily this is one thing we don’t have to google once we arrive 😅

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