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Sarah Mercedes - Day 12

Winds remain at around 15-20 knots with a moderate sea state. There is the occasional big swell that comes across the boat and smacks the stern sending the bow swinging up towards the wind. Other than that, we stay pointing at 150 degrees plus the wind direction sailing as deep and fast as possible. The changes over the past few days, rather than the conditions, have been the flying fish. Moving away from fridge artillery, we now have fish. And a truck load of them. I seem to be a personal target of theirs, getting hit thrice in the space of 5 minutes. Our lead has stayed roughly the same since yesterday, 65 miles. Graham thinks they are the favourites as he suspects there is better wind south of us where they are. They probably also still have a spinnaker, something we hope to neutralise tomorrow by sending trusty Pete up the mast to retrieve our spinnaker halyard (the courage of a lion, or foolish to volunteer?).

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