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Sarah Mercedes - Day 9

Conditions have improved considerably. We are no longer being flung out of our bunks face first into walls as we sleep. Dinner last night however, was quite the experience. Problem 1 : the tomato sauce. Firstly, it took us 4 open floorboards until we found the tins. Secondly, despite the numerous engineering degrees on board, it took us 20 or so minutes to open the damn things. Problem 2 : The mince. With the boat being as unstable as Venezuela's inflation rate, the mince went flying across the galley and splattered into the bathroom door. Another 20 minutes was then taken cleaning that up. Problem 3 : the pasta. After a week at sea and us experiencing the harshest conditions yet, the gas found it the appropriate time to turn off. With the pasta only having boiled for a minute and a half, we had to resort to leaving it in the boiling water for another half an hour. Overall the best part of 2 hours were spent on a bowl of what should be simple spaghetti. Add on top the heat of the galley and emotions were running as high as those in a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Since then however, conditions have eased and we have had a rather pleasant 18 hours at sea. Stephen has been doing laundry. His shorts, sea soaked bed sheets and boxers drying all around the boat at the minute. Other than laundry, we have been taking well deserved showers and naps.

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