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Montana - Blog Montana

A very special year, just like 10 or 15 years ago. Just 57 boats in the ARC. It’s family style. But nevertheless everything is different. Because of Corona gathering with just 10 people is allowed and we have to wear masks. No Sundowner’s, no Parties. Seminars are held over Zoom, watched on a iPad and board speakers. The German fleet is small just 3 boats + Manfred with Albatros. Weather looks good for the start, with trade winds right away. But on the Start day it’s very light and on the nose. We doing good at the start and after 10 min. We are third in our start groups. But then most of the boats start the engine to find the wind behind Gran Canaria. We doing it too late and have to trail the pack. The old and wise guy’s turn to the west right after Gran Canaria. We go a bit more south, which we find out later was not necessary. Could not believe that this year it’s a straight rumb Line. The wind in the first days is good, but some sail changes had to be done. On
day 5 we have already 800 Miles on the Log.

Crew of Montana

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