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Next Step - 18th, 19th and 20th March

18th March, It looks like the COVID-19 virus is going to impact on our travels, let's hope that we do not have too many restrictions. In the early morning I saw a shooting star that went across the whole of the horizon from South to North, an amazing site. Jeremy, also saw what was probably a fishing boat on the horizon but no details came up on AIS. This morning we have put the fishing line in again but changed over the lure to see if our luck improves. Amazing, we caught a large fish but it bit through the line, such a shame and then later we caught a mahi mahi but it was too small to eat so we released it back into the water…still not having much luck. More emails now coming in from the World Cruising Club regarding port restrictions, not looking good.

19th/20th March,Overnight we have seen lightning on the horizon in the North East. The morning started a bit slow with not much wind and cloudy skies. We received an email from the World Cruising Club stating that the rally is suspended. In our own little world at sea it is difficult to imagine the chaos going on around the world with travel restrictions etc. Anyway we are now headed for Papeete in Tahiti, approximately a 6 to 8 days additional passage, where we hope to leave the boat for a year and then restart the WorldARC in 2021. Things are changing by the hour so this information maybe out of date by the time you read it…!

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