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Sweet Dream - Wednesday January 29, 2020

Its been another idyllic day on the ocean. Just enough wind to sail the wing on wing rig, partly cloudy skies all day to keep things cool, nary a squall in sight. Captain is happy, he has reconnected with the fleet via ssb radio twice today and is looking forward to the nine a.m. broadcast tomorrow. The only disappointing factor in today is that we drug two lures all day with not even a bite. But we had lovely crunchy fresh veggies for our chef salad supper topped with cheddar cheese and cold smoked chicken. We aren’t going hungry despite the lack of fish. Lars put on the gen set this evening to make water, so we got inspired to run the bread machine that Helmut had given us as well. Captain had made bread from a mix on Christmas Day that was delicious, but this time we used my challah recipe. What a decadent treat to wake up for my first night shift to hot fresh bread! Oh wow! A very satisfyingly life, this....sailing across the deep blue sea on the smiling quarter moon’s path, drinking hot tea concocted with the magical process of desalination, munching on hot bread slathered with butter . Sigh of utter contentment.


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