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Summerwinds of Cuan - Penultimate Blog

Less than 100 miles to go. Its 03.45 local time. ( We will have sailed through 4 time zones by the time we reach St Lucia in the coming hours.). Emily came off watch at 03.00. So its me holding the fort until around 8.00 when things start to come to life again. This should be our last night at sea. Hopefully we should be in late this evening or early in the morning tomorrow. We are all looking forward to getting in, as three weeks is a long time to be at sea on an non stop roller coaster ride. However from me anyway there will also be a tinge of sadness. There is nothing that I have ever experienced that comes close to the isolation of being on a little boat in the middle of the ocean and also the 'can do' feeling that you need to be able to do this type of thing.

We all agreed that it has been a much more comfortable trip than that on 'Helice' our old boat. The extra length makes the boat faster, the systems are more efficient and the extra space means that we haven't been crammed on top of each other. Emily will have to relinquish the aft cabin with its en suite toilet when Ann & I move back in  and her cabin, currently our perishable food store will be returned to her.

It sounds like its getting a bit lively outside, so I had better take a look and see whats happening.

We will write a closing few lines once we are in to finish what we hope has been interesting reading for you.

Jim Ann & Emily on Summerwinds of Cuan

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