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Jua Kali - The Jua Kali Report - Day 16

Day 16 on board Jua Kali.

Overall the wind has been fairly light for the past 24 hours aside from some rainy squalls at the beginning of the day.

This has meant that we needed to change tactics a bit, it's no use trying to sail as deep as possible (to sail the shortsest distance) if we are barely moving! So we have decided to sail at higher angles than before leading to some experimentation with sail plans that the boat doesn't normally see.

Also experimentally the fishing team is testing out using the suicidal flying fish that we find on the boat each morning as bait/lures as we are out of proper ones. This has yet to be successful but its good to try something, hopefully we catch anything other than the weed which is slowly becoming more prominent.

Unfortunately the light wind has meant a definitely slow 24 hours but we will continue to work hard and try to make up the places before the finish.

Quo te from the crew: "I don't think this is a very attractive fish but it will have to do."

- Alex writing for the Jua Kali Report.


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