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Blue Moon - Blue Moon blog. 1583 NM to go

Giordana’s watch:
The trip keeps on going through the warmer season, Giorgio is the first having a shower with sea water.
Every sunrise we set the fishing hook into the sea hoping to catch a beautiful Dorado or a nice and fatty Tuna, but for the moment we are only getting unwanted flying fishes during the night watches.
After the kite’s halyard broke, Lyssandra climbed up the mast to fix it, we did a great crew job!
We crossed our first time zone without changing our clock’s time, because we want us to be owner of our time and we don’t want a Capitalism society to decide over our free lives.

Samuel’s watch:
Sad sad sad in three points.
After cracking the “belowdeck starboard side aft molar” a few days ago, the remaining piece of tooth has very sharp corner which is cutting my tongue. I cannot speak so much and cannot eat so much ( the crew says this is a good thing that I cannot eat and speak so much, they are relaxing now). I found a new girlfriend which is the teaspoon which brings me heaven by protecting my tongue from the sharp but my spoon is bringing in paradise so the pain is away. My spoon is in my mouth all the time and the crew calls me “Johnny Cucchiaino”.
The second is that today we loose the mahi mahi and we lost also the lure, so we had a double loss, the lure and the fish. Too much.....
And the third one is old technical English.
I’m happy that the cheese with paprika is finished. I hated it.

Message to Hatha Maris from the girl power watch “two long two short” go figure ;-) There is a whole new meaning to traveling light: Just hang your laundry on the rails — sorry, I didn’t mean to pollute the ocean !
Also The Exclusive Blue Moon Ocean Recipe book can be obtained through the website. For a modest 200$ you can also make our authentic Italian-Albanian-British-American recipes.

For the first time I am experiencing being a watch leader in the group, and it is interesting having to do things with the crew also because some are friends from before and some are new friends from the start. Am at the fifth day and now I think it’s working pretty well. At the start I was a little bit nervous about it because normally for me I just want to do everything and be perfect but sometimes I have to accept some errors and mistakes or crew forgetting something. And it’s working also because of the Skipper who is trying to be a normal crew during the watch and not the Skipper and it’s not so easy for her and it’s working. The crew is pretty fun.. probably we talk about food more than sailing and everyone is cooking and every time we eat great food. What can I say it’s a beautiful situation. The place to be and the right people to be with.

I am actually almost rested. It is such an unusual feeling for me to be able to fully deeply sleep on board while sailing... had almost forgotten what it was like. It’s a gift from this crossing, from Blue Moon and especially from this awesome crew. It means that I am comfortable with them, that I am not stressing out too much about having everything under control all the time, and strange noises (and when you raise sails for the first time on a boat and your next stop is directly across the Atlantic, all the noises are alarming) don’t bother me too much. It also means I was super happy to go up the mast yesterday- (I actually think everyone wanted to go up, it’s a pretty cool thing to do) to sort out the halyard that had come off the mast when we lost the gennaker head - note to self: tell crew no shortcuts with dodgy knots instead of a real splice, even if we are trying to go as fast as possible and catch up to the fleet. Steady course helmed, watchful crew securing lines, and great brainstorming on using the spare second reef line as a new halyard (don’t ask, it works, it’s only two meters short) a block from the third reef attached to the unbent fixed point and voila’ new gennaker setup done. What a view. It is startling how a 360* vista of endless ocean from 16 meters above the deck gives you a completely different perspective. It’s an even vaster sea from up there than from the cockpit. Maybe it’s good the crew did not go up. It’s kind of freaky seeing that there is really, really, no one around us. Don’t tell them.

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