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Champagne Hippy - Day 5 - Flat calm

The weather is being very unseasonal with no sign still of the trade
winds. The sun is shining and we are motoring along in 2-5kts of wind.
We are hunting for the trades which typically blow a steady 20-25kts day
and night to take us all the way to the Caribbean.
The grib weather files show there is the beginning of some wind to the
south west which is why I am happy being more towards the southern side
of the fleet. Looking at the position reports it looks as though most
people in the cruising division are motoring at around 7-8 knots. The
race is on to find the wind as none of us can motor all the way there.
Hopefully by tomorrow night (Friday) we should start to feel the
beginning of the trades which should then slowly increase and establish

Life on Champagne Hippy is good. We got our ice maker going properly
yesterday. This produces 90kg of ice a day - just enough to keep the
beer cold :-) So we had to have a cold one to celebrate.

Door frames have been going in and Nick has been plumbing in a couple of
showers and a sink for the crew. Some more trim in the cockpit also went
on yesterday. By the time we get to St Lucia we should almost have a
finished boat.



Oyster 825 - Champagne Hippy

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