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Sweet Dream - Day 211 August 14, 2019

Today we sailed from Whitehaven beach up through Hook passage, past myriad numbers of boats of all types, and into Nara inlet on Hook island. Here we found a nice spot towards the east side almost at the end of the bay. Tumi came in and anchored on the west side. We ate lunch, then kayaked over to see if Paul and Debra wanted to visit the cave paintings with us, but as it was all quiet at their boat, and neither of our crews had slept much the night before at Whitehaven, due to the incessant rolling surf, we figured they might be sleeping, and went on without them. We paddled over to the little beach where a flight of stone steps leads up to a wonderful walkway, complete with informational signage. It is really well presented, and the mini-cultural experience was quite lovely to enjoy to ourselves. The Ngaro paintings in the cave are extraordinarily simple, but fascinating, nonetheless. The view from the cave, looking over the turquoise water of the bay, dotted with boats swinging at anchor was beautiful. We took the kayaks all the way to the head of the inlet, but the waterfall in the pilot book was dry....just amazing rock structures, and most wonderfully, a big flock of cockatoos flying amongst the trees. The birds here in Australia are fantastic. Just before sundown we had the pleasure of watching a big sea eagle soaring over the anchorage uttering it’s harsh cry. Then at dusk, we listened to a cacophony of bird song and flying fox chirps. We’d been listening to music, with Captain strumming the ukulele, but the bird and bat song was so loud, we just turned off our music and enjoyed nature’s symphony.
I perused the lovely cookbook Debra gave me earlier in the day. We had crossed paths as we were leaving the cave paintings and they were coming to them. She said the cookbook was about cooking the fish you catch while sailing, and as they were almost at the end of their cruising time, she wondered if we might like to have it. So nice!


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