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Sweet Dream - Day 210 August 13, 2019

In the morning we paddled to the magnificent beach, climbed to the lookout, marvelled at the stunning views, saw two big goana lizards, climbed back down, and played another round of beach paddle ball in the pristine, squeaky, soft sand. We kayaked back to the big boat, accomplished a few chores, had a delicious lunch and took a short nap. In the afternoon we had a terrible fiasco of a dinghy trip to the north end of the beach. The wind was howling again, and the surf was big enough to ride in...not good conditions for a rib. Captain dropped me back at the boat, and continued over to a snorkel spot, I couldn’t get the generator to start to make hot water, so gritted my teeth and took a cold shower to wash all the gallons of salt water off from the terrible wet dinghy ride. Lars came back blue and shivering from a quick snorkel, and he managed to coax the generator to life. The evening was lovely. Paul and Debra from Tumi joined us for sundowners, then when they left, we ate supper and watched Black Sails.


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