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EH01 - The Final Days


Mother nature is something that you cannot change but you can sure change your sails. It’s been a challenging 24-36 hours with inescapable heat, wind direction changes, gusts, lulls, odd angled waves and swell, rain, and squall after squall. Just after we’ve spent 30 minutes of work taking down sails and putting up other sails, we’ve found ourselves putting it all back the way it was. Our skills and patience have been tested. We’ve acquired a few more bruises and the skin on our hands has toughened a little more. We may have slowed our progress in what feels like the final push to this finish line, but we all feel we have put our best foot forward in these last miles.

Yet in these final moments of our race we’ve had time to enjoy our last sunset, the last supper together, the final starry sky. We’ve seen the lights of civilization on the horizon and long to shout out ‘land ho’ very soon. Everyone has been contemplative of this experience and the things we learned. For some this trip has been a dream of a lifetime, others wanted to challenge themselves in new ways. No matter our reasons we’ve felt a welling in our heart for what we have done. We are looking forward to seeing our family and friends to share a pizza and beer or cold soda with. Thanks for supporting each of us in this adventure and following our dreams.

I want to thank all of my team mates who have become lifelong friends for being by my side every step of the way. You’ve taught me so much about myself in this journey. You’ve made me laugh and you’ve made me sing. You’ve challenged my thoughts and shared yours so that I can expand my views. You’ve coached me in new skills and been supportive when I felt like I was failing. You’ve given me new ideas and validated my own.

To our watch leaders, Alex and Marko, thank you doesn’t seem to mean enough. You are two amazing sailors, teachers, and friends. Your energy and patience are endless. You will do very well in this industry and we wish you luck as you continue on your journey. I believe you will have great success in each goal along the way. I cannot wait to cross sail plans with you sometime soon.

To Andras, our skipper, words cannot describe how thankful we are for your leadership, expertise, and for what you’ve given each of us. There have been some very busy days and many sleepless nights where you never minded that we woke you. I’ve been humbled and honoured to have sailed with you. There was always a smile on your face during the rough times (like me at the helm!), and you beamed during the great times. Your smile was infectious. Your passion for this sport and lifestyle is unlike any other I’ve seen. We hope we’ve made you proud and we are glad you’ve had a ‘relaxing’ journey. Fair winds, my friend.
Carla (and crew – Jake, Alan, Emma, Stuart, Charles, Olivia, and Javier)

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