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Blonde Moment - Where does all the time go?


Sorry for silence from Blonde Moment and crew, but we've been very busy, don't know where the time goes! We gybed at least 4 times in the last couple of days, trying to find these stronger NE winds and also almost catching 3 fish!!

The problem we have on board is that one crew member doesn't like fish and 2 others feel sorry for them and, although love the thought of fresh Mahi Mshi for dinner, hope the poor little things will get away! We had the full detailed tutorial by Mark from Mad Monkey on lures, how to make them, how set the hook up with feathers and hair (thankfully not mine! ) and how to catch a fish . Today 3 fish got away and one lure has been half eaten!..........this fishing is becoming much harder and the successes of the first couple of days must have been luck rather than skill ..... or are we just sailing too fast now?

I think we might be starting to lose the plot on board......there's been orange juice put in coffee instead of milk and this morning pancake mix on peaches instead of yoghurt, we thought it had gone off! ( I think is was a plan to poison the skipper!)

The sea (ocean) state is a lot calmer at the moment so managing to catch up on sleep and even watch a movie! More boats are around too so night watches are spent avoiding other yachts and squalls, none strong enough yet yo wash the deck properly!

We are very lucky, on deck all night in shorts and t-shirts in December, it's hard to believe it's Christmas in 3 weeks, no internet out here either to buy presents!!!!

Anyway, until later
Blonde Moment out

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