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Rubikon - Day 16 - Build your own Timezone (ByoTz)

One of the interesting aspects of being on the water, cut-off from land and without meetings and appointments is that we can create our own timezones. Apart from the fact that we have no way of exactly knowing which timezone we are in, an added benefit is that we can select our own sunrise and sunset times, giving us slightly more light in the evenings. 

On the sailing-side we seem to be making good progress, having crossed into the 3-digit distance-region yesterday, with winds and waves again being favorable. Though we are afraid that might change soon, as we forgot to give Neptune his share of our celebratory Cava last night.

Right now it is still too early to predict a more precise arrival time and date, but we do have suggestions for our VMG again (Which was 6.2kn yesterday; in kn):

Kai: 6.5
Alex: 6.3
Jose: 6.3
Markus: 6.4
Max: 6.4
Chris: 6.4

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