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Peristera - A society

My crew didnt know eachother in advance. The bought their spots on the boat and came. Based on where they wanted to sleep, they organized themselves in what turned out to be job specific cabins. In the front port cabin we have the health care center, with a psysician and a nurse. They have a red cross on their door to guide us, and they are open for consultation between 9 and 10 in the mornings. The nurse is also an accomplished pastry baker, which makes this a very popular cabin. To starboard is the technical board, with two engineers. They are in charge of the stars and the chafe. Flattening of food tins is also part of their responsabilities. And in the aft port cabin resides the HR and communication departement. They are now in the process of organizing a ?funny hour? on Friday, of course in compliance with the gender policys onboard.
I am also trying to make myself both useful and popular. Besides providing the crew with yoghurt and sourdoug bread, I ring the bell every day at noon. One from the crew put a mark with a golden pen on our position on the chart and we wish ourselves joy, or happiness, or wind. Wind is by far the most common wish. And If you are persistent enough, your wishes may come true. At this moment we have wind, and a growing hope to make it to St Lucia before the gate closes.

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