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The first watch last night passed uneventfully, with a squall passing to the south east that didn’t affect us. A small moon emerged for the first time on the passage which gave some light for a few hours up to midnight. Between 0200 and 0400 squalls continued to approach from the south east and we were caught in the middle of a violent squall when suddenly the wind died down and we were becalmed – red all over the radar, thunder, lightning and torrential rain, and us sitting in the middle, taking time to find the right wind angle to get away from the squall. Which we did eventually so by day break (0830 ship’s time) we were heading away from the worst of it. Today sees us back on the rhumb line, the direct course between Cape Verde and St Lucia. We sailed 177 miles yesterday, our second highest day’s mileage, and with a slower morning and early afternoon, we won’t be breaking any records today. But there’s a bit of blue sky and some long-awaited sunshine, which brings a smile to the crew!  Delicious nicoise salad for lunch – would fly straight onto the menu at Carluccios – and lasagne for supper, with a couple of sundowners to look forward to now that the weather is calmer. Today’s photo is of a bedraggled Robert, helming through one of the wilder squalls yesterday. Looking forward to a quieter evening tonight. Ciao Jonathan.

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