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Sanya - Last night at sea

SUBJECT:Last night at sea
After 11 days, we finally reached our last night at sea. Just a mere 160 miles to go. And finally tradewind sailing, 15 knots, TWA 150, flat calm sea. Easy sailing making good gains in the right directs. A working compass for a change and a clear sky with lots of stars to steer at. The first and mosat easy night so far...
Looking back at a crossing with quit some problems where losing all outside sailing information was the most unpleasant one. Breaking your most important downwind sail, twice, cost us a lot of speed, sailing in pitch dark nights without instruments, surely was a different piece of cake.
Both has cost us severly on performance, missing important weather gates and losing again. Gribfiles often were slightly different, so a detour without any possitive outcome in terms of a good wind and angle, and choosing too late to stay with the rumpline.
All reasons this has been a difficult crossing in terms of racing.
On the other hand, spirits kept high with a very positive admosphere on board among all crew. Lots of laughs, games and teasing, combined with good conversations made the crossing very special. Put 17 people together on a small boat and you might expext some friction. But nothing here, even now still a lot of politness, caring, social behaviour, etc. A great group of people to sail with! And now everybody still is pushing, dragging sails, staying in the right place and working hard.

I would easily do the same again with this group and with our lessons learned, watch out for us, the next time!
Ysbrand Endt
Skipper Sanya
UTC Time: 02. december 2016 08:55
Speed: 10 knots, Course: 243 deg.
Position: 15,9.59N , 58,16.70W

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