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Peristera - Sail across the Atlantic Ocean?

Today we passed 100 engine hours. We are getting used to the noise, and to the luxury of having an abundance of electricity. We talk about the flat, calm sea, painted in fifty shades of grey,and how beautiful it is. But after all, Peristera is a sailing boat, and we are here to sail. So earlier today, when, all of a sudden, the wind picked up to 14 knots, we immediately rolled out the sails. We knew we had to be fast, that the wind would be gone before we had even trimmed the sails properly. The rain came together with the wind, and when we were all wet, the wind died. We rolled in the sails, engaged the autopilot, spread out the wet gear and was ready just in time for the giant dorado to come out of the oven.
We are lucky to have a fishing champion on Peristera. Diana surprises herself by caching bigger and bigger fishes. There is a limit of how big fishes we can get onboard, that is determined by the size of the swimming platform, and the weight of the fisherwoman, Today we touched that limit with the 90 cm dorado (sorry, no picture, you have to beleive us) We even had to throw some of the fish back into the sea, we knew that although we are seven onboard we wouldnt be able to eat it all.
The night has come, the watch team is out in the cockpit. Besides doing the usual watch stuff, they concentrate on creating wind. Tomorrow, they say, tomorrow the wind will come.
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