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ARC Weather Forecast 16/12/2016

ARC Weather Forecast16/12/2016Synopsis: HIGH PRESSURE ridging centered over the Azores, extends from W Ireland, SW across the Azores/Canaries/ and Cape Verde Islands across the Central Atlantic towards the Leeward Islands. This area of HIGH PRESSURE ridging is forecast to move NE towards France through 18/12 while broadening, as a COLD FRONT moves towards the Azores during this time.A GALE centered over N Nova Scotia, extends from N Quebec, S towards Bermuda. Along this gale extends a COLD FRONT from the N Bahamas, NE towards 45N/35W. This front is forecast to move NE across the Azores through 19/12, while weakening, extending from Ireland, SW across the Azores as the GALE move NE towards Iceland while becoming complex.In the wake of the cold front, HIGH PRESSURE ridging that is forecast. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 15/12/2016

ARC Weather Forecast15/12/2016Synopsis: Relatively weak ridging from mid-ocean high pressure covers waters from the S Bahamas E to the NE Caribbean and this ridging will retreat E to be confined to the NE Caribbean by tomorrow. A cold front will move SE over S Florida through midday tomorrow and then will continue moving over the Central Bahamas through the 16th, where it will stall and gradually dissipate through the 18th. Behind this front, strong ridging from broad high pressure over the Central U.S. will build across Florida by tomorrow night. The ridging will remain strong as it expands S over the Bahamas through Hispaniola during 16/12. By 17/12, the strong ridging will encompass waters from the Florida Straits through the NE Caribbean and will persist as such through. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 14/12/2016

ARC Weather14/12/2016Synopsis: High pressure south of Azores with a ridge S to the E Caribbean Sea will remain stationary through tomorrow night. The ridge will weaken over the E Caribbean Sea overnight 15/12. A cold front over the Central Bahamas tomorrow evening will move E and extend from N Hispaniola NE to near 25N/50W by the morning of 17/12. The cold front will lift NE while weakening the rest of 17/12 as a strong high builds north of Bermuda. A ridge will build S over the eastern Caribbean Sea the rest of 17/12 through 18/12.Conclusion: Fresh to strong E to NE winds currently cover all remaining grids (KK, LL, QQ and RR), with the strongest winds and some gusts up to about 30kts located mainly in Grid RR and near the Lesser Antilles. These enhanced winds will continue throughout. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 13/12/2016

ARC Weather13/12/2016Synopsis: High pressure centred near 33N/50W extends a ridge axis S towards 15N. The high center will shift E towards 33N/26W through the evening of 14/12, with a ridge axis extending SW towards Puerto Rico by then. Ridging will weaken through the morning of 15/12 as a cold front extending S into the N Bahamas, from low pressure centred over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, will move E towards the Lesser Antilles through early on 16/12.Conclusion: Fresh E to NE winds will continue across all remaining grids throughout the next few days, with some strong gusts as well mainly in Grids QQ and RR. However, please note that these gusts can also be experienced in Grids KK and LL and will be higher within or near squalls. Moderate period NE swells are forecast to abate slightly. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 12/12/2016

ARC Weather12/12/2016Synopsis: High pressure east of Bermuda will move steadily east across the central Atlantic through tomorrow and then stopping to the south of the Azores by late 14/12. This high will strengthen the moderate ridging already in place west of 40W and south of 20N through tonight. The ridging will then very slowly weaken through 14/12, most noticeably farther west nearer to the Caribbean Sea.Conclusion: Over the next 2-3 days, fresh to strong ENE trades will persist reaching at time 20-25 kts with gusts exceeding 30 kts across the more W'rn Zones of LL, RR and W'rn KK and QQ. Swell will remain ENE with the possibility of long period N sets with average swell height of 8-10 feet overall, with higher swell exceeding 10 feet across Zone RR, LL, and western Zones KK and QQ. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 11/12/2016

ARC Weather 11/12/2016Synopsis: A weak front extends from just west of the Azores SW to approximately 25N/60W. This will drift SE through today, dissipating tonight.High pressure along the US East Coast will move offshore today, passing north of Bermuda through tonight, continuing steadily to SW of the Azores by late 13/12.Ridging is moderately strong near and south of 20N across the waters from 40W to the Caribbean Sea, with weaker/broader ridging from 20N to 25N. As the above mentioned high passes well north of the region, this will strengthen the ridging from late today through tomorrow, with the ridging beginning to weaken nearer to the Caribbean Sea by late 13/12.Conclusion: Over the next 2-3 days as the ridging strengthens across the ARC Zones, ENE trades will strengthen with. read more...


ARC Weather Forescast 10/12/2016

ARC Weather10/12/2016Synopsis: Low pressure west of Iberia near 40N/15W extends a weak front S'ward to near Madeira. The low will remain nearly stationary thru tomorrow, weakening tomorrow and dissipating tomorrow night. The front will drift E'ward into the Canary Islands by tomorrow morning, tending to stall and gradually dissipate along13W thru tomorrow night.By the morning of 12/12, an axis of broad ridging will extend from Iberia SW'ward across Madeira and this will remain thru 13/12.Also on 12/12, expect a strong front from just west of the Azores SW'ward to near 25N/50W and this will move SE'ward across the Azores thru the morning of 13/12 to near 25N/40W, then morning of the 14th it will extend from just east of Madeira to near 25N/25W.A broad area of high pressure will move off. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 09/12/2016

ARC Weather09/12/2016Synopsis: A front is now located from 20N/35W NE to 43N/15W. This front will drift SE and will dissipate thru the 10. A ridge of high pressure extends from 24N/60W E to 30W. This will become aligned from 34N/21W WSW to the NE Caribbean on the 11. The ridge then merges into another to the west, extending from 33N/51W S to 15N on the 12. The ridge then becomes aligned from 32N/38W SW to the NE Caribbean on the 13.Conclusion: Gentle to moderate ENE winds will continue across Grids II, JJ and KK thru the evening of the 10, with the lightest winds remaining on the N parts of these grids. By the morning of the 11, winds are expected to freshen across these same grids. Fresh ENE winds across Grids OO, PP, QQ, and RR thru the 11. Swells from S to N until about the middle of. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 08/12/2016

ARC Weather 08/12/2016Synopsis: A frontal boundary extends from 27N/48W NE to 45N/18W. This will move SE, and will extend from 25N/40W Ne to 40N/12W on the night of the 09, while dissipating. A weak ridge of high pressure extends from 2N/55W E to 30W. This ridge shifts E, and will extend from 45N/10W SW to 20N/50W on the 10. This merges with a newer, stronger ridge from 35N/48W S to 13N on the 12. By the 13, the ridge extends from the Azores SW to the NE Caribbean. A front will extend from 27N/60W NE to the Azores on the 11, and this will move E while weakening, and will extend from 26N/35W NE to Portugal on the 13.Conclusion: Gentle winds north of 20N and more moderate to fresh ENEs from about 20N S (across Grids OO, PP, QQ and RR) thru out the next few days. Some gusts into the. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 07/12/16

ARC Weather Forecast07/12/2016Synopsis: Good morning. Broad high pressure system is located near 25N/60W with associated ridging extending ESE across the Cape Verde Islands. Ridging is expected to persist thru the 11 while strengthening across all grids thru the 11 as the high moves ENE and strengthens. A broad gale is located near 45N/30W with associated cold front extending SW across 20N/35W and associated troughing extending SW across 25N/50W. This gale is expected to move NE thru tomorrow afternoon, with cutoff gale developing along the front near 40N/35W. This gale will have troughing extending SW across Grids II, and JJ, which will lift NE thru the 10 and weaken.Conclusion: Gentle winds across Grids II, JJ and KK, increasing thru the next few days. More moderate to fresh E winds on. read more...


ARC 2016 Weather 06/12/2016

ARC Weather06/12/2016Synopsis: A large storm centered near 52N/37W will track WNW to 54N/45W thru tomorrow morning, and then remain nearly stationary thru the night of the 07th. An associated cold front extends SW from the Azores thru 25N/45W and will move E the next 2 days while weakening. High pressure centered near 30N/70W with ridging s across the e Caribbean Sea will move ESE to 26N/48W thru the 09 and weaken. A large low is forecast to be near Cape Hatteras tomorrow night and will track ESE to 34N/52W thru the 08/am while weakening to a broad low.On the 09, a new area of high pressure will build near the Azores on the 09 and will extend a ridge SW thru the E Caribbean. This ridging will become strong by the 11 and will remain strong thru the 14 as reinforcing high pressure moves SE. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 05/12/2016

ARC Weather05/12/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A large gale is located near 45N/35W with an associated cold front extending SW to approximately 20N/55W across the North/Central Atlantic at this time. This gale and associated front are expected to lift NE while weakening just slightly thru the morning of the 06.High pressure over the E Great Lakes with a ridge e to 70W and s to 30N will move SE offshore SE Long Island tonight, then move se to near 29N/67W by tomorrow evening. This high will continue se to near 25N/62W by evening of the 07, then drift e to near 25N/50W by the morning of the 09. The ridge will weaken over the NE Caribbean Sea late on the 09 thru 10 as a cold front moves thru the Bahamas. Another broad area of high pressure located just SW of the Canaries, with associated. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 04/12/2016

ARC Weather Forecast04/12/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A gale near 39N/18W with a cold front over the W Canary Islands will move E to near 38N/13W thru this afternoon. The gale will move SE and weaken into a low over the Gulf of Cadiz by afternoon the 05. The low will weaken offshore NW Morocco overnight the 05. High pressure near 24N/36W will move E to near 24N/26W by tonight. This high will move NE over the W Canary Islands by afternoon the 05. A storm near 42N/37W will extend a cold front SW to near 23N/53W on the afternoon the 05. The storm will accelerate NW over the NW Atlantic on the morning of the 06. The cold front will move E and extend from just west of the Azores SW to near 25N/40W by evening of the 06. High pressure near 25N/60W by afternoon the 06 will move E to near 25N/59W. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 03/12/2016

ARC Weather03/02/2016Synopsis: A gale is now located near 38N/19W, and this will move E to just west of S Portugal thru early the 05. The system then moves SE to Gibraltar thru later the 05 while rapidly dissipating. A ridge of high pressure extends form 25N/60W E to 40W, and this will shift E, extending from the Canary Islands SW to 18N/35W on the 05. The ridge then shifts E, and will extend from Gibraltar SW to 20N/35W on the 08. Another large and complex gale is located over the Grand Banks. This will move NE to near 50N/33W thru the 06. Another gale will form near 40N/45W on the 06, and this will move NE to 50N/28W thru the 08. Yet another gale just east of the Mid-Atlantic states on the 07 will move ESE to 33N/45W thru the 08. A cluster of showers/squalls 05N N to 15N and from 52W E. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 02/12/2016

ARC Weather Forecast02/12/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A gale is centered NW of the Azores, and extends from 50N/45W, SE across the Azores towards the Canaries. This gale is forecast to lift NE while weakening as it drifts E towards W Iberia thru the 05. A thermal trough currently extends along W Africa, SW across the Cape Verde Islands. This trough is forecast to broaden thru the 05 as high pressure ridging moves towards the Cape Verde Islands during this time.The above broad high pressure ridging is currently centered 30N/55W and extends from Florida, ESE towards the W Cape Verde Islands. This area of high pressure ridging is forecast to move E towards the Cape Verde Islands thru the 05.A cold front is forecast to move SE across the Bahamas thru the 05, extending from E Hispaniola, NE. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 01/12/2016

ARC Weather Forecast01/12/2016Synopsis: Good morning. Weak ridging extends SW along the coast of Morocco and into the Canaries. Ridging will break down thru tomorrow as trough of low pressure that currently extends from gale center near 40N/38W SSE to near 25N/33W moves NE over the next few days. The gale will be centered near the Azores early on the 02, with the trough extending SE into the Canaries. The gale will move SE into the coast of Morocco thru the 05, and will gradually weaken.A cold front now extends from 38N/34W SE thru 22N/38W and will move NE toward the Azores thru tomorrow. An area of high pressure centered east of Bermuda will move SE to near 25N/50W thru the 02, then drift E. The next cold front will extend from 35N/40W SW thru 27N/65W on the 03/PM and will move E to. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 30/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast30/11/2016Synopsis: A GALE is centered North of Madeira, and extends from the Bay of Biscay, SW across Iberia across Madeira and the Canaries towards 25N/25W.Along this GALE extends a COLD FRONT from SW Portugal, SW across the Canaries towards 30N/35W. This GALE is forecast to lift N towards 45N/20W thru the afternoon hours of the 01 while weakening, while associated COLD FRONT moves NE towards SW Iberia while weakening.A complex GALE centered east of Newfoundland, extends from E Newfoundland, SE 25N/35W. Along the E side of this GALE extends a COLD FRONT from 55N/40W, S along 40W towards 25N. This GALE is forecast to strengthen/broaden thru the morning hours of the 03rd extending across much of the N Atlantic from NW Africa, NW across the Canaries towards E Quebec.. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 29/11/2016

ARC Weather29/11/2016Synopsis: A GALE is centered NE of Madeira, and extends from the Azores, SE towards Morocco. This GALE is forecast to remain mostly stationary thru tonight while strengthening across the Iberian Peninsula, S towards the Canaries. Thereafter the GALE is forecast to lift N merging with a complex GALE across the N Atlantic thru the 01.A broad trough of low pressure centered near 25N/40W, extends from 30N/50w, SE towards the Cape Verde Islands. this trough is forecast to weaken thru the early 30 as a cold front moves E towards 35W.This cold front is forecast to extend from the Leewards, NE towards 55N/40W along an elongated trough that extends across the Leewards, NE towards a gale centered east of Newfoundland. This front is forecast to continue E towards 20W thru the. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 28/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast28/11/2016Synopsis: High pressure west of Madeira with a ridge s to just east of the Cape Verde Islands will shift to the west and extend from the W Azores s to 25N/33W tomorrow night. Low pressure near 32N/37W with a trough se to 25N/32W will move SW to near 29N/41W by tomorrow evening before weakening. A cold front will extend from 30n/44W SW to the north of Hispaniola by tomorrow afternoon, then continue e and extend form 30N/37W SW to 20N/45W by afternoon the 30. The cold front will continue e and extend from 30N/30W SW to 20N/39W by afternoon the 01. High pressure east of Bermuda with a ridge se to near 20N/50W on the morning of the 30 will move e to near 32N/56W on the morning of the 01.Conclusion: Across the majority of the ARC Rally Zones, conditions are. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 27/11/2016

ARC Weather21/11/2016Synopsis: A ridge of high pressure from the Azores s to the Cape Verde Islands will break down thru the 28. A trough of low pressure from 24N/27W SW to 15N/29W will lift ne while weakening over the next 24 hours. A weak low near 17N/40W along a trough that extends from 20N/40W SW to 13N/45W will move e and extend from 23N/26W SW to 13N/35W by evening of the 29. High pressure well north of the Azores with a ridge s to 25N tomorrow night will move e over the British Isles on the 30. High pressure will develop near 27N/26W on the 30. A cold front will extend from 30N/50W SW to just north of Puerto Rico tomorrow night will track e and extend from 30N/44W SW to just north of the N Leeward Islands evening of the 29. Low pressure is forecast to develop along this front near. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast: 26/11/2016

ARC Weather26/11/2016Synopsis: A gale offshore Central Portugal will weaken into a low while moving over the W Alboran Sea tomorrow evening, then move SE over N Algeria thru the 28. A broad trough of low pressure covers the Central Atlantic from 28N-18N and from 30W-50W, and will drift very slowly E thru the 28.A gale is expected to be near 35N/22W on the morning of the 29 will drift SE to near 31N/23W by evening of the 30. The gale will weaken into a low and pass over the W Canary Islands on the 01. An associated cold front will move thru the Canary Islands overnight the 30.A cold front will move E and pass just north of the Virgin and N Leeward Islands late on the 28, then continue E on the 29. We are currently monitoring a cut off low that is forecast to be located near 25N/50W on the. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 25/11/2016

ARC Weather25/11/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A broad trough extends from 25W to 45W and from 20N to 27N will remain broad thru the 26 and then will move slightly NE thru the 28 where it is forecast to extend from 20W to 35W. An area of low pressure is forecast to form near 27N/54W by the morning of the 29 and its associated front will extend SSW to the N Lesser Antilles.This front will move E thru the 30.A gale located just west of Central Portugal, with associated circulation extending SW to just north of the Canary Islands, will move S and go around the Iberian Peninsula thru the 26 and will weaken as it goes E across Gibraltar by the evening of the 27.Conclusion: Gentle to moderate wds across Grids AA, BB, GG, HH, NN, and FF. Fresh N gusts on the E portion of the Grid GG and W. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 24/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast24/11/2016Synopsis: Good morning. An area of high pressure is now located just WNW of the Azores, and has ridging SE'ward to the Canaries. This ridge will shift S'ward, and will extend from 32N/30W SE'ward to 25N/15W on the 25th. By the 27th, the ridge will extend form 35N/25W SE'ward to s'rn Morocco, then drifts NE'ward through the 28th.A trough of low pressure is located from 20N/40W ENE'ward to 25N/25W. This will broaden out, and will extend from 22N/42W SE'ward to 15N/25W on the 25th. The trough then extends from 20N/36W N'ward to 35N/35W on the 27th. A low then forms near the trough at 27N/35W on the 28th. Farther west, a ridge will extend from 30N/70W SE'ward to 20N/60W on the 26th, and this will shift E'ward, extending from 35N/45W S'ward to 20N on the 28th. A. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 23/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast23/11/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A relatively strong high just west of the Azores extends strong ridging S to along and north of 25N from near 25W to 45W.The high will begin to weaken tonight and continue to weaken thru the 25. The associated ridging will change little thru tonight and then weaken thru the 25.A trough extends from 22N/25W W-NW to near 24N/45W. This will change little thru tomorrow and move little thru the 25 as it slowly weakens.A second, weaker trough extends S along/near 35W from 24N to near 12N. This will weaken further as it drifts W thru tomorrow and then dissipates by the 25.Conclusion: Gentle to moderate wds across Grids HH and GG and more moderate to fresh E in Grids BB, CC and DD. E gusts up to 25-30kts expected in Grids CC and DD, easing N. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 22/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast22/11/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A cold front through the Canary Islands will track E'ward through S'rn Morocco and offshore Western Sahara by this evening before moving inland tonight. High pressure northwest of the Azores with a ridge north of the Canary Islands and S'ward to 25N will drift to the southwest of the Azores while gradually weakening through the 25th. The ridge will build SE'ward towards the Cape Verde Islands on the 24th through 25th. Conclusion: Moderate N-NE'ly winds will extend across Grids AA and BB, with NE'ly gusts increasing up to about 20kts across the SW'rn corner of Grid AA by the morning of the 24th. Gentle to moderate winds will persist across Grids GG and HH through out the next couple of days. N'ly gusts along the coast of African will. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 21/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast21/11/2016Synopsis: Good morning. A trough of low pressure centered near 20N/35W, extends from NE'rn South America, NE'ward towards the W'rn Canaries. This trough is forecast to remain mostly stationary through the 25, while broadening gradually across the Tropical Atlantic during this time. Thereafter the trough is forecast to lift N'ward and consolidate near 35N/40W through the 27 while merging with a gale to the NW during this time. No tropical development is expected to occur with this trough.High pressure ridging centered near 50N,35W, extends from S'rn Greenland, SE'ward across the Azores towards S'rn Morocco. This area of high pressure ridging is forecast to move slowly SE'ward towards the W'rn Azores through the morning hours of the 24, while weakening as it. read more...


ARC Weather Forecast 20/11/2016

ARC Weather Forecast20/11/2016Synopsis: HIGH PRESSURE ridging centered near 40N/40W, extends from the Leeward, NE'ward across the W'rn Azores, and from there E'ward across the Canaries towards Morocco. This area of HIGH PRESSURE ridging will lift slightly N'ward towards 55N through the early hours of today, before moving slowly SE'ward towards the Azores through the 23 while broadening, and extending from NW'rn Africa, NW'ward across the Azores. This ridging will then remain mostly stationary through the 25 while broadening and weakening across the Central Atlantic, from the Canaries W'ward towards Florida.An equatorial open wave trough is centered west of the Cape Verde Islands, and extends from 15N/30W, NW'ward towards 25N/50W. This trough is forecast to slowly move towards 35W through. read more...