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Owner Rick & Julie Palm
Design Saga 48
Length Overall 48 feet
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Altair - Happy Sailing from Altair!

Caught a mahi mahi yesterday. She was about three feet long and produced four very large fillets for great eating now and in the future. We sautéed one of the fillets last night in garlic, olive oil, lemon, and red pepper flakes...served over a bed of wilted baby spinach. Had leftovers in fish tacos today. In the meantime, we have been rocking and rolling up toward the Old Bahamas Channel, just passing between Cuba and Great Inagua now. 20-25 knots of true wind, well behind the beam, running under a wing-on-wing rig with the pole in the genoa on one side and the jib on the other. No main. Very comfortable...8-9 knots of boat speed. Expect to get into Ft Lauderdale on Friday.. read more...


Altair - Happy Sailing on Altair!

It's a beautiful downwind ride on Altair. Wing on Wing. 15 knots of true wind. SOG 7.5-8 knots. Even the autopilot is barely working. Can't beat it! Here's a photo of Karina with St Thomas in the background.007. read more...


Altair - Squalls, Thunderstorms, and a Mahi!

After a night of squalls and thunderstorms, we began fishing at day break. The pink lure wasn't working so we tried a green one.After hooking two that got away, we pulled in a nice one- meal male mahi...just enough for the four of us tonight. When it happened,Rick and Don were down below napping; Jody and I were in the cockpit. We had just taken out the reefs in the main and put out the genoa when the fishing reel zinged announcing a fish on the line. Rick and Don leapt into the cockpit form down below. Rick took the rod, while Don and I let out sails to slow the boat from its 8 knot cruising speed. Jody went below for the "fish booze." ("Fish booze" is the cheapest rot-gut whiskey we can find, stored in a container of the same name so as not to confuse it with Mt Gay rum).. read more...


Altair - Sailing As It Should Be!

Today reminds us why we like to sail offshore. The boat is moving along at6-8 knots; ocean swells are minimal; sky is blue. Some dolphins came out toplay beside the boat for a while this morning; a flock of Great Blue Heronsflew by on their way to the Caribbean (they will get there before we do!).And the fishing line is out.Last night, everyone slept well and got overthe lingering effects of seasickness. We are rapidly peeling off layers ofclothing...long underwear and sweaters have been replaced with light weightpants and short sleeved T-shirts. The fleece sleeping bags we have beenusing for blankets are rolled up and stowed away. We are heading south asfast as we can go to get under that nasty low pressure area that is formingin the next few days. No one wants a repeat of the storm we. read more...

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