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Yellow shirts welcome Solair
Yellow shirts welcome Solair 12/12/2017

The popular Boardwalk Bar
The popular Boardwalk Bar 12/12/2017

Rodney Bay Marina
Rodney Bay Marina 12/12/2017

Congratulations X86!
Congratulations X86! 12/12/2017

Welcome to Marlin
Welcome to Marlin 12/12/2017

Congratulations Duale!
Congratulations Duale! 12/12/2017

Welcome to Talulah Ruby II
Welcome to Talulah Ruby II 12/12/2017

Welcome to Infinity of Yar
Welcome to Infinity of Yar 12/12/2017

Romanian crews of Cassiopeia and Andrew
Romanian crews of Cassiopeia and Andrew 12/12/2017

Congratulations @Team Tigress
Congratulations @Team Tigress 12/12/2017

Well done Tiffin
Well done Tiffin 12/12/2017

Welcome to Nisida
Welcome to Nisida 12/12/2017

Welcome to Saint Lucia, Boxcar!
Welcome to Saint Lucia, Boxcar! 12/12/2017

Congratulations A Noi
Congratulations A Noi 12/12/2017

Welcome to the Dorado crew
Welcome to the Dorado crew 12/12/2017

Welcome to Scarlet Island Girl!
Welcome to Scarlet Island Girl! 12/12/2017

Palizeno arrive in Rodney Bay
Palizeno arrive in Rodney Bay 08/12/2017

Scarlet Island Girl - welcome to Saint Lucia
Scarlet Island Girl - welcome to Saint Lucia 08/12/2017

Pixel arrive in Rodney Bay
Pixel arrive in Rodney Bay 08/12/2017

Lilith welcomed to Saint Lucia
Lilith welcomed to Saint Lucia 08/12/2017

Welcome back to Manfred and the crew of Albatros
Welcome back to Manfred and the crew of Albatros 08/12/2017