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World ARC Weather - Leg 15

World ARC Weather - Leg 15
Issued 20th September, 2010

Prepared by: Bruce Buckley (Weather Australia)

Weather situation

The weather through to Cocos Islands is expected to be dominated by fresh to locally strong ESE trade winds over the next three days. A convergence zone feeding into a trough located just to the west of Cocos is producing isolated showers and thunderstorms over waters to the west of 99E at the moment. However the building trade winds should force this convergence zone to the west of Cocos during the next 18 hours and lead to a marked reduction in shower activity through to the islands within the trade wind regime. Once the trade winds have pushed across all the fleet the winds should remain relatively steady, although cycling gradually through weaker and stronger phases.


Isolated showers and thunderstorms west of 99E contracting westwards during the afternoon and evening then largely clearing overnight. Only very brief showers moving through after this time with predominantly fine weather.


Monday 20th September
Easterly to ESE winds extending across all parts of the fleet during the day and becoming steadier as the day progresses in the 17/22 knot range. Some pulses to around 25 knots. Winds west of 97:30E initially around 13/18 knots from the east to ENE. Shower and thunderstorm activity largely clearing overnight.

Tuesday 21st September
ESE winds 15/20 knots cycling through weaker then stronger phases over the space of several hours.

Wednesday 22nd September
ESE winds rising to 17/22 knots through the morning with some pulses to 25 knots at the high point of the cycle.