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Cape Verdean Traditional Dancing
Cape Verdean Traditional Dancing 13/11/2016

ARC+ Welcome Party in Mindelo
ARC+ Welcome Party in Mindelo 13/11/2016

Dance at the Welcome Party
Dance at the Welcome Party 13/11/2016

Drums at the Welcome Party
Drums at the Welcome Party 13/11/2016

Face painting on the docks
Face painting on the docks 13/11/2016

Marina Mindelo
Marina Mindelo 13/11/2016

ARC+ Arrivals in Mindelo - Celebrity
ARC+ Arrivals in Mindelo - Celebrity 13/11/2016

Waking up at Marina Mindelo
Waking up at Marina Mindelo 13/11/2016

Thanks to Lee & Rachel the ARC rally team
Thanks to Lee & Rachel the ARC rally team 12/11/2016

Spirit of the ARC Prize - New Vision
Spirit of the ARC Prize - New Vision 12/11/2016

Bahamian Explorer Prize - Exit Strategy
Bahamian Explorer Prize - Exit Strategy 12/11/2016

1st Place Multihulls - TODAY
1st Place Multihulls - TODAY 12/11/2016

1st Place - Desiderata
1st Place - Desiderata 12/11/2016

2nd Place - Tempus Fugit
2nd Place - Tempus Fugit 12/11/2016

and relax
and relax 11/11/2016

relaxing ashore
relaxing ashore 11/11/2016

Happy hour!
Happy hour! 11/11/2016

TODAY arrived today!
TODAY arrived today! 11/11/2016

Karina - on dry land:)
Karina - on dry land:) 13/11/2016

Jura - welcome home!
Jura - welcome home! 13/11/2016

Pure Elegance happy to be back in Nanny Cay
Pure Elegance happy to be back in Nanny Cay 13/11/2016