A Warm Welcome at Carbost

12 July 2012

A Warm Welcome at Carbost, Isle of Skye

12 July 2012

After a farewell to the community on Rum, it was time to point our bows northwards and make our first landfall on the Isle of Skye, the largest of the inner Hebridean Islands.

With a free night on the itinerary, yachts set off for anchorages and bays on the south coast of Skye or Canna, one of the “small isles” close by. Loch Scavaig is one of the most spectacular anchorages on the west of Scotland, tucked in beside the impressive Cullin Ridges on the south end of Skye. Cruisers there had a unique opportunity for a “nosing” – a tutored tasting of a very special whisky, right beside the hills that collect the very water used to make the spirit. Across the Cullins lies the Talisker Distillery at Carbost on Loch Harport, the only distillery on the Isle of Skye. With the gently flowing waters of Loch Coruisk cascading beside the group, crews from Daphne, Pemva and Nayo experienced the unique Talisker 57 North with the spectacular Cullin hills rising above them. And, afterwards, as a final tribute to the Island, a dram was poured for the faery folk of Skye – called sìdh in gaelic (pronounced shee). The island is steeped in folkloric traditions so a generous measure of Talisker was offered to the sìdhean with a request for good weather in return!

Loch Harport, Isle of SkyeThe Malts Cruise has not called at Carbost for 3 years, so it was a welcome return to the long and well protected shores of Loch Harport, and the stunning views towards the Cullins. At the head of the village is the Talisker Distillery, and a chance to learn more about the special nature of single malts during guided tours and tastings. Carbost was the third rendezvous of the Malts Cruise, and a dinner at the community hall at nearby Minginish was another chance to sample local flavours, with venison stew and haggis on the menu. As well as organising the catering, the staff at the Old Inn in Carbost made cruisers very welcome and did a good trade in hot showers and seafood lunches during the visit.