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The ARC 2012 Fleet in Numbers

ARC 2012 Fleet in Numbers 
17 November 2012

There are now 232 official entrants for ARC 2012.  Bad weather in the Mediterranean has delayed some yachts, so the number may reduce slightly before the start on 25 November.

So far there are 30 boats in the RORC racing divisions, but the under 60 feet/18.30m cruising division is much the largest, as always!  This year we have 21 catamarans - not quite breaking last year's record.

Boats are sailing under the flags of 25 nations, but skippers and crews carry passports from an even wider range of countries.  35% of boats are flying the British flag, 11% German, equal with 9% are Norwegian.  There are 10 US-flagged boats, 14 Italian, 12 French and an impressive 10 Australian.  We're also delighted to welcome boats flying the flags of Estonia, Hong Kong, New Zealand,Poland, Russia and more.

Biggest, Smallest, Oldest
The biggest boat so far is Bristolian at 28m long.  The oldest boats are the Fife-built Peregrine and Henry Gruber yawl Peter von Seestermuhe, both launched in 1936.  The average age of ARC boats this year is 11 years, but almost 20% of the fleet are less than 2 years old.

The smallest boat so far is Rival 32 Troskala, at 9.7m long.  In total, 15% of the fleet are under 40 feet (12.2m) long, and 62% are 50 feet (15.3m) or less.

Boat Designs
Over 85 different boat marques are listed so far, a very impressive collection!  These include one offs ranging from the classic Fife Peregrine, to bespoke racers and cruisers.  The most popular boat brand is Oyster, with 24 entries.  There are 20 Beneteaus, 19 Swans, 16 Jeanneaus, 12 Lagoons, 12 Bavarias, 9 X-Yachts, and 8 Hanses.

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